Shakespeare Praise Mahrez’s Attitude


Shakespeare Praise Mahrez’s Attitude

Leicester City tactics spokesman, Craig Shakespeare said he was impressed with the attitude shown by Riyad Mahrez during the opening of the transfer market yesterday.

Where although tempted to join the top six English League clubs, even to AS Roma also called interested to bring it but the Algerian national team retainer still choose to survive in King Power stadium.

So with that record then Craig is very impressed with the professionalism of the player who still honor his contract with The Foxes.

“Mahrez is transparent, where he wants to play for one of the top six clubs,” Craig Shakespeare told the media.

“I understand what he does. But after talking to him over the last few days, I have no doubt about the professionalism and commitment to Leicester, which he has shown since the first day.

“Most important body language in a good practice session and this is really important for me and other players. She has been very good. “

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