Gerrard Please Kane Uniformed Liverpool


Gerrard Please Kane Uniformed Liverpool

Liverpool football legend Steven Gerrard wants Harry Kane who is now defending Tottenham Hotspur can play for which he once defended in front of him.

That big hope, because the striker is considered appropriate as the Reds goal machine and it is appropriate to replace the role of Daniel Sturridge which is so far from five new games only scored one goal. While Harry of seven matches that have been undertaken in the Premier League competition has scored seven goals.

Even with his status as a young England player but his extraordinary looks have made Gerrard very impressed and the 37-year-old legend has also enjoyed his performances so far with Spurs, though he hopes that the high-profile striker can continue his football career at Anfield after his tenure in North London ended.

“He is a good player in football, where he can score goals and also how he plays,” Steven Gerrard told the media.

“I love players like him and I also love his character. I often watch the interviews and I have also met him several times.

“I think he is a perfect role model and an ambassador for the game. I love the way he does his work on the field.

“I also talk to people who know him better than me and I hear he is obsessed and endless in practice sessions. I’m sure he’s getting his reward now for all the hard work.

“I am glad that he is also a native Englishman, so I hope he is a Reds! I’m very happy with her clash and I really enjoy watching him right now. ”

Last season was a fun career for the striker where he became the top scorer of the Premier League by packing 29 goals. Interestingly through his contribution in recent seasons Tottenham are also capable of being in the top flight and also playing in the Champions League.

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