Young Goalkeeper Indonesian National Team Join Persebaya?


Young Goalkeeper Indonesian National Team Join Persebaya?

The news of Persegres Gresik goalkeeper goalkeeper, Satria Tama, to the camp Persebaya quite vigorous in social media What else the news came after one of the midfielder Tim Bajol Ijo, another nickname Persebaya, Sidik Saimima, photographed with the Indonesian national team goalkeeper.

The distribution of photos Sidik Saimima and Satria Tama reap a lot of queries in several social media accounts. Many suspect their photos together are the code to join Persebaya.

However, later revealed the photo is a longing expression of longing friends who have long not met because of busyness. Satria Tama was not going to join Alfredo Vera’s team.

This is confirmed Sidik Saimima. According to him, the two photos that were uploaded in this social media account is purely because of friendship.

When there is spare time, both take advantage for a walk to the shopping center in West Surabaya area. All day these two friends spent time playing, even Sidik had given the shirt Persebaya as a memento.

“We are friends from the past, it’s been so long since there is time we go to eat, because he will join Persebaya not just why he just asked me to shirt with Green Force shirt to me,” said Saimima.

Proximity Sidik Saimima with Indonesian national team goalkeeper, it is not a new thing. They have been very familiar since they joined the Persegres Gresik United team last season.

Currently, Persebaya still struggling to get through to League 1, by becoming champion in League 2. Instead, Persegres getting slumped at the bottom of the League 1 classification and certainly must be willing to degrade.

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