Montella Collects All Criticism Against Milan


Montella Collects All Criticism Against Milan

AC Milan coach Vincenzo Montella knows if criticism of his team is unstoppable after his defeat in the derby.

Milan poured huge funds to change almost the entire squad at the end of the season, but they have to lose three games in Serie A which took them to 10th place.

“When things do not work out, it’s everyone’s fault, we have to accept criticism, even when it’s overdone,” he said.

“The club is making decisions for now, but not forgetting the future.

“Everything goes according to plan in addition to some defeats, which I am responsible for, but if that does not happen we will not talk about a balanced situation.

“I see a development in terms of quality, it takes time and it is our biggest challenge.

“Milan have a lot of capable players and should thrive, this is a very good base to start everything.”

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