Real Madrid star Pacari Spanish Sexy Artist


Real Madrid star Pacari Spanish Sexy Artist

Real Madrid star, Isco seems to start venturing to introduce his new lover As quoted from The Sun, Isco dating Spanish sexy actress, Sara Salamo.

The 25-year-old Real Madrid player’s relationship with Salamo has been in the media since mid-October 2017. Isco also often likes to photographs uploaded by Salamo.

Most recently, Isco invites Salamo to watch a show at the Canal Theater of Madrid, Spain. Both are seen holding hands.

“Isco-Salamo enjoys great Darin masterpieces, they are very intimate,” wrote Spanish media Informalia.

After dating, the 25-year-old woman uploaded an inviting photo in her personal Instagram. Salamo uploaded a photo with a man kissing, but his head was covered in cloth.

Salamo is an artist born in Canarias Island, Spain. This year, the new boyfriend of Real Madrid’s attacking midfielder is the best soap opera in the Land of Matador titled La que se avecina.

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